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Blueprint Investment Fund II LLC
506(c) Offering Platform


Blueprint Investment Fund II LLC (“BIFII”, or the “Company”, or the “Fund”) is a Colorado limited liability company formed for the purpose of acquiring and completing development of up to five (5) Denver, Colorado area real estate projects (the “Projects”). The Fund’s goal is to achieve high level profitability through not just forecasting models, but through a common-sense value add proposition for the communities it serves. The Fund will be purchasing the Projects from Blueprint Investment Fund LLC (the “Seller”), a related party owned and managed company. The primary principal and sole owner of Blueprint Investment Fund LLC is Joseph Libkey, Jr.

The Manager of the Fund is Blueprint Fund Management LLC (the “Manager” or the “Fund Manager”), a Colorado limited liability company owned by Joseph Libkey, Jr. and Adam Nick.

The Fund’s Sponsor, Blueprint Investment Group, LLC (, is a Denver based real estate development firm. The primary principal of the Sponsor is Joseph Libkey, Jr. The Fund’s Sponsor, along with Blueprint Investment Fund LLC, has completed a certain amount of pre-development and development work on the Projects to be acquired by the Fund which positions the Fund to acquire real estate assets and projects that can be executed upon immediately and are, in the opinion of the Sponsor, positioned beyond the typical risks inherent in pre-development and land entitlement processes.

Over the years, the Fund’s Sponsor has seen extreme market fluctuations; because of this, the Fund’s Sponsor is always researching market trends to develop strategies allowing the Fund to mitigate this volatility and reduce its negative effects on investors. This experience has also better positioned the Fund to take advantage of opportunities presented in such times of uncertainty. This proactive approach sets Blueprint Investment Fund II LLC apart from the competition.

Summary of Operations
The Fund will be acquiring from the Seller up to five (5) Sponsor developed Projects, subject to sufficient capital raised through this Offering, that are in various phases of development and build-out. The Properties will consist of entitled land, new construction, multi-family condo, apartment buildings, townhomes, and single family residential assets.


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