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President & CEO

Joseph Libkey, Jr. has experience as a Residential/Commercial General Contractor, Real Estate Investor, and Real Estate Developer for the last 10 years.  He has experience with over 150 residential and commercial projects to include Public Schools, Specialty Hospitals, Universities, Multi-Tenant fit out, Luxury Homes,Urban row-home re-development, Multi-Family apartments, Condominiums, and Land Planning for Sub-divisions.  


Joseph Libkey, Jr. had the fortunate experience to partner with the Baltimore City Housing authority as a certified developer in coordination with Johns Hopkins Hospital residents and staff for housing placement. In 2014, Joseph worked hand in hand with Assistant Commissioner of Code Enforcement for Baltimore City Housing, Eric Booker to develop vacant properties into custom townhome living for residents and staff of Johns Hopkins Hospital.  


Early in 2015 Mr. Libkey decided to expand to Denver, Colorado to focus on residential rehabilitation projects after learning Denver was experiencing tremendous growth. His business model grew to encompass new construction spec homes, commercial, and multi-family condo/townhome developments in 2018. These developments were focused in the City of Denver as well as the North Metro Denver area. 



Mr. William M. Shenkin, also known as Bill, founded CeFO, Inc on January 1, 2000 and is the President and CEO.  CeFO provides services for high-net worth individuals (averaging approximately $75 million in net worth).  He is the partner in charge of the tax department, providing compliance, representation and planning services.  Bill spent 15 years in public accounting with Ernst & Young and as a Partner at Shenkin, Kurtz, Baker & Co. before being purchased by Century Business Services Inc (NASDAQ: CBIZ).  He was also awarded as a member of the 40 under 40 top Denver business professionals.


Bill was instrumental in bringing baseball to the State of Colorado.  He successfully managed and helped raise approximately $60 million in debt and equity, while operating as the interim chief financial officer.  Bill prepared all financial projections for the Colorado Rockies and assisted the Governor on the transaction.

Bill has an extensive background in real estate accounting and transactions.  He is also a Member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Colorado Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Denver Estate Planning Council.  He has a Certified Public Accountant Certification and is a Certified Information Technology Professional (American Institute of CPA’s).



Nate specializes in creative land planning and development solutions along with value-add engineering in both residential and commercial applications. Nate along with his Father Richard Taylor have worked together to develop and build over 10,000 residential, multifamily and commercial units totaling well over $2 Billion in total horizontal and vertical land development and construction.

Nate has an extensive background in real-estate development and construction having spent the past 22 years working through all facets of the land development and construction industry as a job superintendent, project manager, Vice president of construction, and Owners expert Representative on conventionally financed and HUD financed projects.

In 2009, Nate was the lead VP of construction on the Design-build project for the Mining Exchange hotel in Colorado Springs. Nate worked for four years on a creative meticulous and cost-conscious design with the owner to deliver an outstanding historical landmark with ultimate functionality.

Since 2011 Nate focused his attention onto the Denver Urban market where he recognized its potential for huge growth. He worked diligently to gather an investment pool to purchase over 20 urban single and multi-family properties and while doing so created a 1-close creative financing option with the construction lending department of US Bank being the first to offer this amazing product as a small urban builder. Nate created three urban home designs such as a modern farmhouse that would fit on any of his urban lots. By doing this his buyers had a one-stop-shop to buy a lot, pick their model and customize it through his design-build process, and have financing in place with the 1-close program that encumbered all the cost and rolled into a perm at a very competitive rate. This model turned out to be very well received by the consumer and was a huge success selling out of all acquisitions by 2018.

Nate thrives in the challenges to structure, plan and develop urban and rural multi-unit sites. His passion for the industry drives him to be the best professional he can be.


Executive Assistant & Accountant, NMLS #1651980, Notary Public for the State of Colorado

With her experience in relationship banking, Andrea brings a whole new level of sophistication and personalization to the Blueprint team. Andrea has an extensive background in management and is continuing studies in accounting and real-estate.

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